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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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two men critically injured. we're live at the scene with new details. >> it's the day after christmas, and temperatures are going to climb by about 40 degrees between where we are now to where we're headed. we're talking about mid-70s, near-record warmth. we'll let you know how long it will last in your full forecast. >> the day after christmas means a lighter volume of traffic. a new issue as we head across the bay bridge. the latest coming up. speaking of the bay bridge, look at this beautiful picture over san francisco. you can see sparkling in the background. it's thursday, december 26, this is "today in the bay." a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm peck peggy bunker. two men are rescued from their burning home. firefighters pulled them out of their home.
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that's where chase cain joins us. chase, neighbors say flames and smoke pouring out of that house. >> reporter: yeah, this quickly grew to a big fire, we're talking old victorian homes here which are made of wood. and that is also one of the reasons that so many firefighters came out here last night. you can see how close together these houses are as well. they had a difficult time trying to keep the fire from spreading. there was damage to the house next door. the house at 6618 is a four-story. firefighters say they had a difficult time with this because as you guys mentioned there were already smoke and flames pouring out of this house by the time they got here. once they were able to get inside they found two older men near the front door, they say the men had serious burns and appeared they had been trying to get out but were not able to. a neighbor told us that these two men have been living in the
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house several years and working to renovate the home. >> very sad. very beautiful house, this couple that lived here, a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of love into that house. it's really sad to see this happen. i hope they are okay. >> reporter: and firefighters did rush those two men to the hospital with serious burns and what they see as critical condition. the top three floors of the home were badly damaged. you can see there is a fire truck on scene. some in and out of the home because they are still working to figure out what started this fire. live in san francisco, chase cain, "today in the bay." >> thank you, chase. new this morning an elderly man missing for days has been found overnight. police confirm 79-year-old howard cooper was found overnight. officers told us he was in salinas and a dispatcher tells us it appears he's doing fine.
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he had disappeared from morgan hill at about 10:30 p.m. on tuesday. >> the morning after christmas. believe it or not stores are open waiting for customers whrks they are craving deep discounts or ready to make returns. marianne favro is live where some of the stores have been open since 5:00. you must really not like something to be ready to return it at 5:00 in the morning. >> reporter: or ready to get a good deal, peggy. this kohls store opened at 5:00. get ready for the second wave of shopping and yes, people have been trickling in all morning long. this is an especially good time the lure in people who received gift cards for christmas. this is the single most popular day to redeem the company gift cards. we talked to one early bird shopper about her motivation. >> 60% off.
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i'm not sure about the congress but 60% off. >> you think it will be worth it? >> yes. >> according to shopper track, though this year's sop being season started with a bang, indoor sales declined. what that means for you shoppers this morning is in the next few days you'll see buy one get one free deals and discounts on toys and decorations. and kohls is not the only store opening up early. macy's just opened, and so did walmart. reporting live, in san jose, marianne favro, "today in the bay." >> the rush begins. thank you so much. >> all over again. a rush to deliver packages as well. those that didn't make their destination expected to be delivered today. a spokeswoman says it is all hands on deck at their
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processing centers. workers at the company's international air hub in kentucky worked to get packages ready for delivery. both ups and fedex experienced delays. >> this is an unfortunate situation and we know how important the holidays are to our customers and how important it is to receive your package in time and we are sorry and we're working around the clock to get resolved. >> reporter: the company says it was a small share given the volume this holiday season. i think maybe we had protrasty naters. >> then it's a miracle if it does show up. and they were working so late on christmas eve. a lot of people saw them but.we had some great weather as we see how it's going to hold. our dogs were snoozing in the
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sun. >> you know, they love to soak up the sunlight. it's hard to believe but we're going to see another round of mid 70s. just about as warm if not warmer in most of the bay area cities. this is son jose. it's cold. you are one of the early morning shoppers, in the 30s and 40s, if you want to take a peek maybe you wonder what it's going to be like for the first day of the new year. you can purr ruse your seven-day. i want to talk air quality. this is something we're concerned about all month long and yet again it's another spare the air day. there is an improvement on the way when it comes to your air quality. we head throughout friday. this is going to come through in the evening so likely tomorrow another spare the air day. once this area of low pressure comes through it's going to bring wind, most, that's good news for our air quality. this is where we're headed.
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we have the unhealthiest levels of solution in the south bay. better air quality as an area of low pressure comes through but really, no significant chances for rain in sight. so we need that rain, it's that time of year. we'll see that pineapple express. good morning to mike inouye. >> pineapple. holiday eating. the bay bridge toll plaza. a few fares waiting in the cash lanes. 6:07. we'll watch because the volume is starting to build. we'll see how traffic flows into the area off the east core free way. a tiny bit out of san pablo and north 880 through oakland. out of san francisco. we have east 80, a fender-bender. it made it off the off ramp. there is slowing and we'll see if there is any debris in the
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area. look at your bridges across the bay. peninsula shows an easy drive. toward the east bay, sunol, westbound, southbound 680 with the taillights down into sunol. a light driving so no need for a commuter taken, no need to pay the toll. >> police looking for suspects in two separate shootings hours apart. the first shooting happened yesterday afternoon br 2:00 p.m. three men tried to rob a man walking west on rock island drive. the victim fought back but was shot in the chest. after three miles away suspects shot a man as he walked on west 19th street. both victims were taken to the
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hospital. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," a double dose of winter weather. tell you why a round of snow in the east may keep thousands in the dark through the weekend. >> and health care coverage confusion. we're going to tell you why the website causing a few more headaches. >> in the meantime let's take a look at san jose. you can see the lights in the distance and active freeway there is as we get this thursday going. >> a live look at the bay bridge as well. love, love this live look outside. a few people making their way across the span.
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welcome back now. taking a live look, a nice clear start to the day over san
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francisco. we do have a very warm day on tap. i'll let you know what you can expect for the final days of the year and hey, i'll let you know about air quality as well. there is an improvement in that department. the forecast on the way. >> need that improvement. a little build. we don't need that for the bay bridge toll plaza. there you go, an easy flow. we'll show you where there is some commute to speak of developing. >> a look at today's top stories. two men in critical condition this morning after a house fire on baker street in san francisco. firefighters found the men by the front door. they were taken away by ambulance with burns. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the highway patrol is out in full force for the holidays cracking down on unsafe drivers. our cameras spotted a crash that sent at least two people to the hospital. the chp says increased enforcement will continue. >> retailers already open for shoppers. retail chains like macy's kohls,
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walmart opened at 6 and even as early as 5:00 for returns and some of the post-holiday sales. >> wow. this morning there is growing confusion about who will be getting health insurance starting january 1, this comes after the obama administration relaxed the sign-up deadline which was supposed to end earlier this week. >> danielle leigh is in capitol hill where health officials are returning to work after the christmas holiday. >> reporter: this morning it's not entirely clear who will be receiving health care from the federally run exchange and when. a twitter post tells people who missed the deadline they will be considered for coverage january 1 on a case-by-case basis. >> blue cross and anthem. >> reporter: everyone else starting today can expect insurance in february. insurers say who enrolls is as important as how many. >> success of health reform depends on broad participation. getting younger healthier
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people. >> groups are intensifying outreach with catchy ads hoping to convince young people obamacare is worth the investment. james got the message. but many of his friends have not. >> a lot of people go about it as they don't care, like nothing is going to happen to me until you need it. then you panic. >> reporter: consultants warn in many cases those who are enro enrolled can't relax yet. >> lots of people have signed up. they believe they have got coverage. there are lots of errors. >> reporter: after a record week of visitors on comes the difficult task of making sure all of the applications are correct, and processed. in washington, i'm danielle leigh, nbc news. >> today could be the day power is restored to parts of the northeast and canada since this powerful ice storm last weekend. forecasters say some of the same areas hit by that ice storm could see two to six inches of
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snow, strong winds. right now utility crews are fanned out from michigan to maine trying to restore power to homes and businesses there. it has been difficult because icicles are coating some of the power lines and tree limbs are snapping from the weight of that ice. it seems so foreign to us here in california. >> especially with temperatures we're having. remarkable as we check in with meteorologist christina loren. these are record-breakers. >> they are. this month has been so bizarre because we had the cold snap early on in the month with record-breaking temperatures. in the 20s. now we're talking about breaking warm records in the 70s for today so. hitting the extremes in december. temperatures this morning mostly in the 30s and 40s, a comfortable day, but temperatures are going to climb by 40 degrees in some cases so my advice would be layer up for the day. san francisco is at 46 degrees right now, san jose at 39 degrees, we're going to jump into the 70s about everywhere.
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a nice day shaping up across the bay area. the only thing is our air quality continues to suffer. we'll likely see a spare the air day tomorrow in addition to today and then better air quality this weekend. with that area of low pressure moving through it means we're going to lose a lot of warmth. temperatures in the 70s t microclimate shows you low 70s same for the peninsula, palo alto today you're going to hit the upper 60s to low 70s in san francisco. north bay one of the warmest regions, santa rosa climbing 42 degrees between now and about 2:00 p.m. 73 is your high. 70 in fremont and pleasanton at 69 degrees. i want a peek at the weekend. you can find your seven-day forecast here at the bottom of the screen. san jose, 67 for saturday. 63 at half moon bay on saturday. about as warm on sunday. may be a touch cooler. we should be looking at better air quality into the weekend as well. good morning to mike inouye. >> we're looking toward the bay
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bridge toll plaza. you have a few cars. for the cash lanes, slowing as you approach and a couple cars. i mean less than a half dozen. no problem for the fast track lanes and no metering lights. a smooth drive. you can see here on this map, you can see the same thing for speed sensors. no major issues. this orange is ashby avenue. typical as the volume increases between cal and the freeway. the east shore freeway. not an issue as far as the speeds out of the maze and north 880, slowing around the curve because you have more cars now. not a lot more cars. an easy drive around the bay as well. the dumbarton or throughout south bay. as we zoom into spots here is the south bay. the northbound commute not showing a problem. no incidents reported and that will probably sort itself out south to capital expressway. the road crews didn't take place because of the holidays so no
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cones either. we're looking at live look for al alto. willow avenue up to redwood city. 280 a lighter volume. at the limit there as well. in the north bay, southbound 101, starting to build, the volume down, a little glow to the lights but not a problem. potential for patchy frost up there. so far none reported. so far the freeways haven't had problems, just the build. back to you. >> 6:18. warriors star steph curry taking a break to help out families in need. >> curry and his family teaming up to give boxes of food. curry will hand out the food and other items at the cathedral on telegraph avenue at 3:00 this afternoon. this event is part of the nba cares season of giving campaign. not feeling so giving on the court, not a lot of christmas spirit as you might see.
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there was a lot of pushing and shoving between the warrior and l.a. clipper players. take a look at that event. this all knotted up with less than two minutes on the clock. steph curry coming in with two in the bucket. warrio warriors, this morning we're getting a look at something more special. never seen before sharks christmas video bloopers. take a look. >> they actually invented electricity. >> sorry. >> you're going to say my favorite player is turtle. okay. >> a turtle. >> turtle. >> well, it's actually hertel. >> somebody wrapped a cat. >> i'm not a cat person. hopefully somebody opens it soon to feed it. >> that was great for the out-take reel. that's how we think, thinking
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ahead. >> those are the ones we got to see. time is 6:19. still ahead on "today in the bay," clamoring for safety in south sudan, how many are forced from homes and a growing concern about a possible civil war. >> closer to home, a live look outside, beautiful bay bridge this morning. the lights are on. not a lot of people on the road but mike's keeping tabs on that. christina has a look at the forecast. >> she's telling us in san jose what you're looking at now boy, we're going to inch toward 70 degrees. about 67 on saturday. so a weekend in san jose, terrific weather to enjoy.
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good thursday morning to you. 6:23. a look over san francisco. you can sort of make out the transamerica building there, you see the pyramid there, the blinking lights. looking like a nice start. >> pretty light on the bay bridge. look at the toll plaza, the approach. you can almost count the cars. not usually the scene at this time of the morning. a lot of people probably sleeping in. you got the week off. 6:23. >> a tragic story out of the south as we learn more about a christmas morning fire that left three children dead in louisiana. police say the children had been visiting from alabama for christmas. a 13-year-old girl, her 11-year-old and 12-year-old brothers died in the fire.
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their parents and another sibling did get out alive. six other relatives also escaped the home. investigators say space heaters or candled could have started the fire. >> heart breaking. a court appearance for an ohio man accused of raping and killing his 9-year-old neighbor. jared metzger will be arraigned. the girl's body was found 18 trash bin on december 15 in the mobile home park where they both lived. authorities say metzger called 911 to report the girl missing. >> the united nations says it needs more than $160 million to save the lives of people caught up in violence in south sudan. 45,000 people are trying to find safety in and around u.n. bases in the country. 81,000 people in all have fled their homes. fighting escalated this week between government troops and rebels loyal to a former vice president. the violence is raising fears of civil war. >> 6:24 this morning protesters
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in thailand are ramping up efforts to top tl country's government and put a stop to preparation for the february elections. you can see protesters throwing rocks at police responding with rubble bullets and tear gas. demonstrators are trying to force their way into a sports stadium being used by candidates in the process of registering for elections. the prime minister says she wants to form a national reform counsels tool find a way out of the country's political chaos. >> a new report out indicates that israel will announce new plans for expanding construction in jewish settlements. a television channel reports that the prime minister benjamin netanyahu plans to announce massive construction in the west bank and east jerusalem. it indicates as many as 2,000 homes could be built. the timing of this was reportedly coincide with the expected release after group of
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palestinian prisoners. the action will likely led to an international uproar and likely threaten peace talks with the palestinians. >> let's check in with christina. simply amazing temperatures that we're seeing across the bay area. >> for christmas you know, it's the first full week of winter. our days are short. we get about 9 1/2 hours of daylight. a 40-degree temperature spread between where we are now and where we're headed. it's chilly out there. we're going to end in the upper 60s to low 70s, a lot of people will be traveling and across the state looks good. watch for breeze tee windy conditions down south over the grapevine. mostly clear, hazy through the central valley, headed out nationally, not a bad travel day. not a lot of weather working flew. you can see a locate of no-fly zone moving into the midwest and rain showers moving through florida. the only place we're counting on delays throughout the day will be in the midwest. minneapolis, detroit, check ahead. maybe in miami.
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pretty good especially if you are trying to get home to the northeast. back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:26. still ahead, delayed deliveries, did you get all of your packages? we have new details about a push to get holiday packages. >> officers on patrol turn into santa's helpers as a grinch steals christmas. >> let's look at san francisco t camera bouncing a little bit at the bay bridge in the background.
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>> delayed deliveries. the overnight push to put gifts on doorsteps nationwide a day after the christmas deadline. >> plus, santa's helpers, how officers stepped in to help a family who found their packages stolen. >> after a day off the markets are getting ready to open this
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morning. there is the bell with the pinstripes. the nasdaq as well. still wearing the santa hat. thursday morning, december 26, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. at 6:30. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> today new details in the newsroom as gilroy police are looking for this man, 21-year-old ernesto rodriguez. this is a photo of rodriguez from a year ago. officers found 21-year-old alma ortega dead. the family who found ortega noticed their son rodriguez was missing. police say he did have a
6:31 am
restraining order. he may be armed with a knife and could be considered dangerous. anyone with information should contact gilroy police. >> 6:31. this morning fedex and ups drivers are back to work delivering thousands of gifts that didn't make it for christmas. danielle leigh joins us live in washington, d.c. this morning. both carriers trying to get a jump start this morning to make up for lost time. >> reporter: it's true, a lot of people going to rush out to deliver packages for ups and fedex. a lot of people likely going to check their door steps hoping the wish list items that didn't arrive get there today. both blame two things for the reason these didn't get to their destinations on time. one, the weather leading up to christmas. also just an unprecedented amount of shipments that they had to handle. more than they could handle. we did get a statement from fedex, a new one saying their focus was on safety and that they did get 99% of the fedex
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ground shipments out. so they say they still had a high level of service, it's that 1% relatively with thousands waiting on christmas items that didn't get to them on time. amazon was one of the companies affected. they are offering returns in terms of the money charged for shipments, also giving gift cards, $20 gift cards to anyone affected for the use of their next purchase. fedex and ups doing their best to get these delivered as quickly as possible. >> a long day for some of them. >> police in newark are asking for help finding the person who broke into a family's home and stole the presents from under the tree. this happened at a house on cherry street not far from newark junior high school. the family didn't realize the gifts were gone until the family's two children woke up christmas morning and rushed to the tree. detectives believe that the robbery may be related to recent burglaries in the area. newark police pooled together
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$100, and the association matched that and they delivered $200 to the family yesterday. >> that's nice. check the forecast now. spoiled, spoiled. that's what we are. as we give you a live look. clear skies, gorgeous afternoons, good for kids getting the bicycles. >> you know, especially if you did get that bike. it could be rainy, stuck inside. i want to point out if your hides have issues or asthma not a great day to be out for long. limit that outdoor activity if you can. no longer than 25 minutes at a time. it's bad out there especially in the south bay. a live picture of oakland as we point out it's a buffalo sunrise with all of that haze in the atmosphere. otherwise you want to keep in mind it's going to be throughout today and tomorrow, then we should likely get out of that spare the air trend as we head into this weekend. temperatures this morning are starting out in the 30s and the 40s, hopefully you had a fantastic christmas.
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throughout afternoon, we're going to jump into the 70s, so it's going to feel like late spring, early summertime as we see highs in the upper 50s for most of the bay area so. unseasonably warm, hazy sunshine for today. getting into your friday, mostly clear, right off the bat. hazy at our beaches but a great beach day v. the kids, you want to take them out there. throughout friday night the clouds will increase, the wind will pick up and as a result of this area of low pressure we're going to get better air quality. i want to give you a preview of that. friday, saturday and sunday as we head throughout the next couple days much better air quality on the way. just a preview of that trend i was talking about taking a look at palo alto, staying nice and comfortable all weekend long saturday and sunday. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. say good morning and how are we doing, there has to be something going on. >> finally, i don't mean like i
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like it but something to report. first a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no backup. we had an easy morning so far. we're likely to see more traffic into the city midday, typical of a friday but this is sort of a quasi vacation week for folks. we'll look at the maps, nice for 880 northbound. chp reported debris in the roadway around marina boulevard. it has cleared without incident. so, i was happy to report there was something in the report, i'm also happy to report no complications. an easy drive off of the castro valley y, we showed you that easy drive there, and the east shore freeway no problems. we'll look at the south bay, san jose northbound 101 shows a little bit of traffic but no problems for 680, 101 or 28 through this interchange. >> it's :35. u.s. service will hold a meeting
6:36 am
for the people affected by the big sur fire. more than 100 people had to evacuate for several days while the fire ravaged their neighborhoods eventually destroying 34 homes before it was contained friday. the fire started december 15 in the national forest and ended up burning 917 acres. it's 100% contained but it is still smoldering. right now 6:36, still ahead, a freeway fire ball. people stepped in to help out after a person trapped in this ball of flames. >> here comes the sun. look at that sunrise over the san francisco bay. it's only going to get bigger and brighter as we approach our thursday morning, a lot more news ahead. stick around. ♪ ho ho ho
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[ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. a very good morning to you. isn't that simply beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> the sun coming up over the bay. not only do i love that vista but when the sunrise start, gorgeous. >> makes the early wake-up call worth it. the payoff. the silver lining. a look at the same thing over san jose, not as much light yet but you can see the lights there and a beautiful sun rise on the way. >> it's 6:39.
6:40 am
the man accused of opening fire in l.a.x. killing a tsa agent is expected back in court. paul ciancia is to be arraigned in los angeles. last week he was indicted on 11 federal charges including murder. prosecutors say he walked into the busy airport, pulled a semi-automatic rifle and opened fire. one tsa agent was killed, three others hurt. >> and look at this christmas day rescue on a busy los angeles freeway. good samaritans and a bomb squad save a saveed a man trapped in his car. the driver crashed his station wagon just before 2:00 p.m., caused huge delays. also quite a bit of smoke as you can see that cloud billowing. the driver was taken to the hospital, is expected to survive. other than minor burns the officer is also expected to be okay. three lanes of traffic were completely shut down during the rescue. >> speaking of smoke, smoke and
6:41 am
flames pouring out of a bay area home. we'll have the latest. new details about two men, firefighters had to pull them out of the fire. >> you think you're done with shopping? no. we're getting started. ramping up to grab the sales. we're going to tell you which stores in the bay area are already open this morning so soon after christmas. >> if you are heading out and b it's chilly. it's going to be comfortable later on. 70s on the way. you got the kids at home with you, take them to the beach if you are so inclined. we've got a great looking forecast headed our way. we have concerns about air quality. we'll tell you all about it when "today in the bay" comes right back.
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at 6:43 this morning two men are critically injured after being rescued from a burning home. firefighters pulled the men out of the home on baker street near fulton where chase cain joins us live. chase, neighbors say flames and smoke were pouring out of the home overnight. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. and that was part of the reason that firefighters had such a difficult time getting this fire out because it was so -- it was under way so strongly i guess you should say, by the time they got here. there are still firefighters here at the scene. they had at one point 115 firefighters out here, this was a three-alarm response because we're talking about old victorian homes which are right next to each other and of course mostly made of wood so they can burn quickly. the fire here broke out last night just before 9:00 last night. and firefighters say that they believe it started on the third
6:45 am
floor of this four-story home. by the time firefighters got inside they found two men inside, they were near the front door, they had serious burns, firefighters believe the two men were trying to get out of the home. also neighbors told us the men had been working on this house for several years trying to restore this victorian home. >> christmas, very sad. a very beautiful house, this couple that lived here, a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of love into that house. it's really sad to see this happen. i hope they are okay. >> reporter: the two men were rushed to the hospital with serious burns and what firefighters say was critical condition. meantime, firefighters are still out here this morning trying to figure out what started the fire. it possibly started there on the third floor and the men had been working on it for some time so it's possible that's what happened. firefighters say it is still just too early to say. chase cain, "today in the bay." >> let's hope the men are okay.
6:46 am
>> the highway patrol is out in full force cracking down on unsafe drivers. nbc bay area joined for a christmas day ride along. this is what happened in the first minutes, a crash that sent two to the hospital. officers warn people not to drink and drive. >> you got to know what you're getting yourself into, and you had some drinks, have a designated driver. don't try to push, oh, i feel okay to drive, i'm going to try it or i think i slept it off. that's what we run into a lot is people who think they are sober. >> increased enforcement also dui check points will continue through the new year. >> the sun is coming up over the bay area making way for a beautiful day. taking a live look outside from the south bay. things getting light out there. light when it comes to the traffic as well. let's check in with christina a. look at the forecast. >> isn't this pretty. what a pretty start. this is what that particulate matter does. a beautiful sunrise, getting the
6:47 am
reds, the orange and even pinks. i have to tell you off the bat it's a spare the air day. illegal to burn fire wood unless it's your only source of heat. the temperatures in the 30s and 40s. today is going to be very warm. we're talking about potentially smashing temperature records for this date. 73 in the south bay, morgan hill comfortable, unseasonably warm along the peninsula 70 degrees, you can probably give your heater a break in san francisco with 68 degrees on the way to pacific heights for today. north bay is looking good, low 70s for the most part. 73 degrees in santa rosa. east bay looking good, 66 degrees in walnut creek. 69 degrees in pleasanton. here's what we're talking about when it comes to records. all of these are likely going to break temperature records. some are going to smash temperature records. that will likely really take down this record of 69 degrees. so we're talking about a really warm day, it's unusual to get this warm at this time of the
6:48 am
year. and as we head throughout the next couple days no really significant changes to tell you b. temperatures are going to drop off. an area of low pressure but not by much. close to 70 degrees saturday and sunday in the south bay. so good looking weekend. take your family to the beach. maybe you have the time off. let's check and see. some of us don't have the time off, mike inouye. you, me, everybody else, we got to get to work. >> in news land. looking here to the south bay. traffic flows nice now. a lot of folks have the day off. between christmas and new year's we see a light volume of traffic. that's what we're seeing now. there is one crash. watch that. that's a surface street not affecting 680 but what we have on the maps so thought i would call that out to you. no problems out of altamont
6:49 am
pass. slight volume of traffic through livermore as well. no problems into the south bay. a nice drive across. toward the castro valley y and the san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridge smooth to the peninsula where the flow is light. we'll get live looks. the approach to the foster city side. 92 shows a smooth flow and sparsely populated. we see it high about now. over to oakland. northbound no delays, at the limit. all the way through downtown to the toll plaza. no metering lights, no problem. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. >> new details just into the newsroom. gilroy police are now looking for this man, 21-year-old ernesto rodriguez, authorities say a woman was found dead in his family's apartment overnight. this is a photo of rodriguez from about a year ago so he may look different today. officers found 21-year-old
6:50 am
ortega dead. the family who found her noticed their son rodriguez was missing. police say ortega did have a restraining order against rodriguez. police say he may be armed with a knife and is considered dangerous. anyone with information should contact gilroy police. >> new this morning an elderly man missing for days has been found overnight. police confirm that 79-year-old was found. officers told thaws he was located in salinas and a dispatcher tells used appears he is fine. he had gone missing on tuesday. >> family members could decide whether to appeal a judge's decision allowing children's hospital in oakland to take 13-year-old jahi mcmath off life support. jahi mcmath's family wanted to give the teen as normal a christmas as possible. they put a christmas tree and presents in her room. the teen has been on a
6:51 am
ventilator since december 9 after complications during a tonsillectomy. a judge ordered the hospital to continue life support for jahi until 5:00 p.m. on monday. >> a homeless shelter in san francisco is looking for a new home. after 12 years of helping young people in need in the city's neighborhood the homeless youth alliance shut its doors. the landlord decide it new renew the lease and gave them 60 days to close. officials are looking for a new place to set up shelter. >> we've been in this building 12 years and it's possibly the most stable and consistent thing that is in many of the lives of the kid who is come through here. so losing this is another thing being taken away. taken away. >> about 5,000 count on that each year. >> a judge will hear arguments to keep city college accreditation intangt. the city attorney and the california federation of teachers want injunctions to
6:52 am
keep the school from losing accreditation. if the requests are not granted the college will lose that next summer. the commission wants to revoke the accreditation because it says the school has not done enough to fix financial and educational problems. happening now, all of christmas presents are unwrapped but stores throughout the bay area, they are open and ready to deal with early morning returns and pretty deep discounts. marianne favro is live where some stores i can't believe this, opened up at 5:00 this the morning. 6:00 this morning. this is pretty wild. >> reporter: it certainly is. but just in tas you didn't get what you wanted for christmas this is the time to take advantage of the last sales of the year. yes, this kohls department store in san jose opened at 5:00 a.m. and since then this parking lot has been filling up. retailers know this is an especially good time of year to lure in people who receive gift
6:53 am
cards for christmas. this is the single most popular day to redeem the gift cards. so what we found this morning is that people are telling us that there are advantages to being an early bird shopper. >> a day after christmas, definitely great parking and no lines. >> reporter: according to shopper track even though this year's shopping season started off with a bang, weekly in-store retail sales declined from december 16-22. now you'll see a lot of stores offering buy one get one deals, keep cuts on appliances and discounts on toys. we are finding some stores offer up to 60% on a lot of products. kohls is not the only store that opened up early. macy's and wal mark ridley-thomas are now also open. but don't worry if you have to work and not able to get to the
6:54 am
stores early, a lot of these department stores are going to be staying open late until 11:00 tonight so you can shop till you drop. reporting live in san jose. >> i know you like to get those holiday decorations at half off. don't get them all. that's my thing as well. >> i'll save a few. >> thanks. >> i think she's going to beat us both. >> if you are planning on hitting the fall you are not alone. the american express tracker finds more than half of all shoppers hit the stores today. some are southing out deals. some of the last big sales of the year. others get the most out of gift cards. target says the day after christmas is the most popular day to use them. >> lawmakers expected to outline efforts to better protect coop somers' information. that comes on the heels of the security breach that affected
6:55 am
target customers. new jersey snr robert menendez will stand outside a store to announce his plan. >> many children on santa's good list. they got electronic gadgets. they joined a growing number of kids glued to the mobile devices including those in diapers. erica has more. >> reporter: like little maud, kids are drawn to the glowing lights of electronic devices. even parents reluctant to embrace the kid technology revolution have given in to repeated requests to hand their phones owe they're. even if it's just for a few moments. >> whether we like it or not put these are here to stay. >> reporter: the ceo of common sense media, his group found a giant leap in the number of young children with access to mobile devices. in two years the percentage of
6:56 am
kids under age nine who used smart phones and tablets soared to more than 70%. this includes more than a third of kids under 2. >> you have all sorts of toddlers and young kids from 0-5 walking up to tv screens and trying to swipe them. thinking they are a tablet. >> some are designed for tiny hands. there is an infant bouncy bad. the key is setting a good example. >> if you are dplooed to your computer or ipad and not paying attention to your kids they will do the same thing. >> maybe they won't watch as much as what's on the screen if parents reinforce interaction with the three dimensional world. >> go out and play ball. >> absolutely. football players leave their
6:57 am
helmets at home for a luncheon. >> the washington huskies take on the byu cougars. the fight hunger bowl donates one meal for every ticket sold to the game. the players spend time doing charity work. >> it will be tomorrow night at 6:30 at at&t park, tickets range from $25 to $85 and can be purchased on line. a great cause. >> the giving continues. steph curry taking a break from the court to help out families in need. >> teaming up to give boxes of food to families. curry will stand out the food and other items at the pa the dral. it will be at 3:00 this afternoon. the event is part of the season of giving campaign. >> i was wishing we could continue the season of giving. >> pay it forward. we're getting paid in some
6:58 am
glorious sunshine. >> brang your shades. it is sunny. temperatures are cold, a nice finish to the day. we'll rebound by 40 degrees as a spare the air day. into the next couple days expecting the air quality to improve especially saturday into sunday. let's check your drive. a couple of things. good morning. >> it's a light volume of traffic. the rest of the bay looking good. there is slowing. it was sort of a caravan of slower traffic out of the pleasanton ar. no problems for the tri-valley. a little build for highway 84. we have no metering lightsant really no backup. barely any fares but expect a good crowd down through workly. back to you. >> 6:58.
6:59 am
a final check of the top stories. two men in critical condition this morning after a house fire on bakers street in san francisco. firefighters found the men by the front door. they were 18 away with burns. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> drivers are back to work delivering thousands of gifts that did not make it in time. they blame the delays on bad weather and increase in on line shopping. >> many retailers also here in the bay area, they are already open for shoppers. retail chains opened at 6:00 even as early as 5:00 this morning for returns and some of the post poll day sales. >> will you do it? >> i don't know. maybe i'll look on line. >> good idea. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join me at 11:00 a.m. for nbc bay area news.
7:00 am
. good morning. delivery debacle. u.p.s. and fedex forced to apologize after christmas packages don't arrive on time. this morning, the scramble to appease angry customers. >> my name is ron weinstein. i'm addressing this video to president obama. >> a u.s. government contractor kidnapped appears in a new hostage video. his plea to the president for help. christmas in the dark. nearly 200,000 people from michigan to maine still without power six days after that massive ice storm. things could get worse before they get better. re


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